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*** Advantages Of Selling Real Estate At Auction ***

-We sell real estate where the sale is in the seller’s favor!  Our auction commission rate is much lower than a real estate broker/agent.   We structure the auction’s agreement of sale to benefit the seller, for example, the State transfer tax is paid by the winning bidder.

-We sell real estate to the highest bidder
, which sometimes goes above the appraisal value of the property due to the competitive environment of our auctions.

-The real estate auction can have a reserve put in place, and if not met, the sale does not go through.  The seller is always protected and in control in their decision of the sale price of their property.  If the reserve is met, then the winning bidder/buyer pays 10% deposit in the form certified funds on the day of auction, which is “non-refundable.”  The auction can be structured to have settlement within 30, 45 or 60 days. This swift process benefits the seller in saving time with their future plans by getting their property sold.

-We sell real estate without any contingencies (as-is, in its present condition and without warranty).  

-We always involve an attorney in the process which is present the day of the auction, for the time period in which the real estate is being sold, and at closing.

-We have the ability to work with several real estate brokers to help make a connection with potential buyers to be present at the sale.  One of our auction company members is also a real estate agent with Long & Foster Realtors.

-We do not bind you to any long term contracts if the property is not sold.  If we are not successful at auction in reaching your reserve, then you are not trapped in a contract that prevents you from placing your property with a real estate agent.


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