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About Us:


We are a full run professional auction service that is licensed, bonded, and insured with an abundance of experience.  We have spent years analyzing auctions for what processes and techniques work to achieve the greatest success.

We have extensive product value knowledge, and we use that to obtain positive results for our customers. As experts in the fields of industrial machinery, construction and restaurant equipment, as well as commercial and residential property and estate liquidation, we can help you achieve fair market value for your valuables.

We work with our clients from every aspect to ensure that their sale is handled efficiently and given the attention it deserves.  One of our core principles is listening to our clients and then combining it with our experience to develop and offer our clients a guided plan for a successful auction.  We advertise creatively and work with our clients to ensure there is an overflow of buyers at their sale.  We work hard to make sure that the auction flows easily for both our clients as well as for bidders.

In today’s ever so changing market, auctions are becoming very popular and are on the rise.  Auctions provide a faster method for liquidity and potentially greater profit than most other traditional sales methods.  A fun and exciting fast paced auction is one of the most quick and efficient ways of converting your assets and property into immediate cash.

We are “computerized” with our cashier and clerking data system which makes things much more efficient with the overall auction process.  Bidders are able to check-in and checkout much faster without waiting in a line for a long period of time.  This helps the bidders be able to be on the floor bidding right away and also allows them to make payment easier when they are finished buying.  With this method we are also able to settle with the seller(s) much faster.

Bidders usually bid much higher knowing that they have a way to get their items purchased at auction loaded onto their vehicles.  We usually have our forklifts at the auction to assist bidders in loading heavier items, where it is possible.  We also have event tents, trucks and trailers available to help out with locations transporting their items for an online auction when needed and where it is possible.

We have a registered PA Notary within our auction company to assist at our auction sales with paperwork.  The auction company also has a FFL license for handling transfers.

You are in good hands with Porter Auction Group.  Contact us today to see how we can be of service to you.

Edward S. Porter


Porter Auction Group
3947 West Lincoln Hwy,   Suite 172,    |    Downingtown, PA 19335     |    Phone (484) 918-0070
PA License #AU005686     |    Auction Company License #AY002104